Training Leaders of Circular Meditative Dancing — Level 1

  • 04/06/2021 a 08-06-2021

  • 4 days

  • Price on request

  • Portuguese (English on request)

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    Solar Douro Miragaia e Lila Tury

Know and train yourself with a meditative, creative and therapeutic tool, precious to practice with children, adults or the elderly. This course offers the training to coordinate meditative, sung circular dances. 16 dances, songs and various meditations are taught.


Suitable for Men and Women: therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, social or pedagogical assistants, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers of: Yoga; Chi Kung; Tai chi; meditation; art, music, song or dance teachers, art and nature lovers, facilitators, tour guides, group leaders and anyone who is attracted to this ancient, therapeutic and meditative tool.


Leader training Meditative Circular Dance offers the opportunity to learn to focus on Meditative circular dance and therapeutics with ancient chants and to play an instrument, synchronously dancing in a circle.

Enables you to be able to sustain a circle energetically, both with live medical music, (with guitar, drum, Tibetan bowls or flute), as well as singing in different languages, or Circular dance with meditative movements from different cultures.

An art therapy, which forms and unites individuals, thus performing leadership in a circle, creating harmony, peace, love and joy, both in schools, as centers, hospitals, companies, universities; classes, courses, workshops, groups, meetings, and parties in the community.

Training Leaders of Circular Meditative Dancing


A course of integrative experiences of collective circular vibration, universal harmonic, with various exercises, such as:

  • Learning of various circular dances and meditative chants, through the practice of bodies and cellular memory;
  • Expressive dance movements, with meditative body awareness and breathing perception;
  • Dance and its divine light;
  • Voice / singing release and expansion training with respiratory and vocal awareness;
  • Knowing how to play a musical instrument with its rhythms, measures, and pulses, in harmony and synchronicity with the melody, song and circular dance;
  • Rhythms and Roots. Heart and firmness, strength and power;
  • Meditative training and Sufi giro;
  • Dynamic and passive meditations of sounds, points and mantras;
  • Spells of silence, singing / dancing / meditation and nature to awaken the right hemisphere and its talents;
  • Afternoons of dialogue and symbology writing, dances and songs, to awaken the left hemisphere and its qualities;
  • Memorize the synchronous order of the rhythm, song and the movements originating from the various circular dances;
  • Silence and new cellular programming;
  • Awakening uniting and connecting science with spirituality, earth / sky, female / male, time / space, directions and its compass rose, the five elements, the four bodies, and of course the hearts, races and cultures of the world.

Didactic and therapeutic benefits

It offers a degree of training and awareness that allows you to be and find a balance with yourself, in a group and in life. It leads to an opening, which gives a well-being to the body, comforts emotions and offers serenity to thoughts.

Practice at a deep level, with meditative and therapeutic circular dance and meditations, which strengthens self-esteem, self-confidence, for the delivery and sharing of experiences, for mutual help and collective cooperation creating bonds of unity and balance in group.

It offers radiant health, firmness and self-security, inner serenity, thus achieving sustainability of being. The practices of seated or dynamic meditations, the sacred chants and the meditative circular dances offered, work as a very effective alternative natural medicine, which enables to have a huge respiratory, physical and emotional resistance, activating the descriptive capacity, which makes it possible to understand and connect with the spiritual nature.

It is a preparation to strengthen and activate each person's inner potential. It teaches not to be dependent on technology, but rather confident in the best instrument we have, which is the body, rhythm, voice, and virtues, thus activating a new programming for a full life.

Ancestral and spiritual dance art that connects tunes and unites the human being with nature and its elements, due to its shape, energy and sacred geometry.

Balancing the UNO in itself, with the divine, practicing the UNIVERSALITY of BEING.


Module I: Circular Dances

  • History of circular dances.
  • Space; Center. Representation.
  • Analogy of circular dance, its representation, scientific and spiritual. Exercises.
  • Dance dynamics, function and application. Exercises.
  • Preparation of respiratory, physical and spiritual resistance. Exercises.
  • Vocal techniques of: singing and sounds, applied to the body. Exercises.
  • Circular dance techniques: exercises and figures applied to the circle.
  • Learning to: written symbols of circular dance.
  • Application of the elements: breathing exercises, body awareness, verbal / vocal / musical, and their virtues and shadows.
  • Walking, dynamic meditations, with sound exercises. Applications.
  • Circular dances in practice, their representations, and their intentions.
  • Oral / written ancestral songs, ancient sacred phrases and their origins.
  • Oral / writing meditative and ancestral circular dances.
  • Practice of focusing on circular dances, songs and music played live.
  • Development of the registration of rhythms, steps, pulses and melodies, applied. Exercises.
  • Completion with different forms and bonus figures.

Module II: Meditative Therapeutic Dances

  • Space; altar; Cardinal points and their meanings.
  • Teach without speaking. To feel; To notice; Five senses.
  • Dance as art, therapy and meditation. Exercises.
  • Language of body and spirit. Movement and energy, Exercises. Concept of individual and group pulse.
  • Activation of new programming.
  • Learning, practice, and exercises: Written symbols of circular dance and ways of understanding.
  • Meditative circular dance techniques, figures and turns applied to the circle.
  • Dances through symbolic representation.
  • Mantras and mudras in dances, ancient songs and songs.
  • Writing of the chants, their meanings, and origins.
  • Planetary features and their body awareness, Features of the Mayan seals and their body expression.
  • Dynamic meditation techniques, with sounds and points of the bodies.
  • Activation of cellular memory of songs and dances and songs. Oral / written language of ancestral meditative dances.
  • Coordinate the circular dances, songs, their rhythms, pulses and melodies. Initiation to play a musical instrument, applied directly to the dances.
  • Initiation and Finalization with different ways of anchoring the group and global connection.

Course format

Presented on two levels in four modules.

Level 1- The minimum course is Module 1 and Module 2. With teaching material; CD; Certificate. Total load of hours 35.

Level 2- Module 3 and 4, Complete course. With didactic material and Certificate.

Reception and registration hours:

20 hours the previous day in retreat.

Course schedule

09:30 hours to 19:00 hours

This course is unique and is only available at the Meditative Circular Dance school, created since 2007, in the self-sustainable Serenade project in Argentina and at the Boa Ventura center in Portugal.

Course conditions

  • Advance reservations with pre-paid registrations with 50% of the value, to reserve your place. And prepare logistics and teaching material.
  • Registrations are non-refundable when canceled by participants. They are transferable, with 21 days' notice, and to the same person and place.
  • Vegetarian food;
  • Minimum participants 4. Maximum 21.
  • You cannot film or record.

I sincerely hope that this course will help to unite more hands, hearts and cultures, healing by singing, dancing and meditating in a circle in the communities. With the hope that it will train us on the way to unity.


  • Colored pencils, paper or notebook for dances, pencils and erasers.
  • Musical instrument if you want to play.
  • Meditation blanket.
  • Comfortable clothing and non-slip socks.
  • Offering for the altar (candle, incense, stone, flowers, essences, etc.).

We look forward to your reservation with joy.

  • join us in this celebration and discovery of yourself through meditative circular dance.

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